Amazon Categories List CSV

A full list of all Amazon categories and subcategories can be a valuable resource for Amazon sellers looking to classify their products, research competition, identify new opportunities, and optimize the keyword targeting.

In total there is a huge number of categories listed on Amazon, covering a wide range of products and industries.

Here is an example of some Amazon categories

• Electronics
• Books
• Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
• Home & Kitchen
• Beauty & Personal Care
• Health & Household
• Toys & Games
• Sports & Outdoors
• Automotive
• Industrial & Scientific
• ...

These categories are then further divided into subcategories and sub-subcategories, providing a hierarchical structure that allows sellers to classify their products accurately and consumers to easily find the products they are looking for.

It is possible for subcategories on Amazon to be located as deep as 7 levels within the category hierarchy. This means that there could be several layers of subcategories between the main category and the specific subcategory that a product falls under.

For example, a product might be located in the following category hierarchy:
1) Home & Kitchen
2) Kitchen & Dining
3) Small Appliance Parts & Accessories
4) Coffee & Espresso Machine Parts & Accessories
5) Coffee Machine Accessories
6) Coffee Filters
7) Permanent Coffee Filters

That's how the hierarchy of categories and subcategories is represented in an Excel file:

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