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June 3, 2024
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Unveiling the "Bought in Past Month" Feature on ASINSpotlight

Introducing ASINSpotlight's new "Bought in Past Month" feature — accurate sales data for smarter Amazon selling. Update now to boost your e-commerce success!

Unveiling the "Bought in Past Month" Feature on ASINSpotlight


In the ever-competitive Amazon marketplace, understanding product trends and sales performance is crucial for e-commerce sellers. Recently, Amazon introduced the ability to track purchases made in the past month — a goldmine of data that provides valuable insights into product success. ASINSpotlight has swiftly integrated this capability, offering sellers the power to analyze this data across any group of products, whether sorted by categories, keywords, or beyond.

"Bought Past Month" attribute on the Amazon list page

Overview of the New Feature

The "Bought in past month" attribute is a direct measurement from Amazon, showcased on product listings and detail pages. It indicates the total sales a product has garnered within the last 30 days. Unlike the "Estimated Sales/Month," which is derived from Best Seller Rankings (BSR) and remains speculative, the "Bought in past month" attribute offers concrete sales data, making it a reliable source of information for strategic decision-making.

How It Works

Activating and utilizing this feature in ASINSpotlight is straightforward:

  1. The attribute is automatically collected when parsing product lists and details.
  2. If the data has not yet been fetched, the field will appear empty until the next fetching cycle.
  3. In instances where Amazon does not display the attribute, ASINSpotlight will show a "-".
New Column: "Bought Past Month"

This functionality is particularly beneficial for online arbitrage sellers and dropshippers, who rely on timely and accurate sales data to optimize their inventory and pricing strategies.

Exporting this data is straightforward with ASINSpotlight. The "Bought Past Month" field can be included in the export settings by navigating to "Settings" → "Export Config" and selecting the field. Once added, this data can be exported to XLSX formats, making it easy to analyze and integrate with other business tools. Also, it's exported to CSV by default.

"Bought Past Month" attribute in the export configuration

Benefits of Using the New Feature

For Amazon sellers, particularly those engaged in online arbitrage and dropshipping, the benefits of using the "Bought in past month" feature are manifold. It allows sellers to:

  • Identify fast-selling products quickly and adjust procurement strategies accordingly.
  • Gain a competitive edge by analyzing up-to-date sales data.
  • Make informed decisions on stock levels and marketing tactics based on recent sales trends.

Case study: An online arbitrage seller could use this feature to spot a trending product early, stock up before competitors notice, and capitalize on the demand while it's high.


The integration of the "Bought in past month" attribute into ASINSpotlight is a game-changer for Amazon sellers looking to stay ahead in a dynamic market. By providing precise, recent sales data, this tool helps sellers make informed decisions that can significantly boost their business success. To take advantage of this new feature, ensure your ASINSpotlight app is updated to version 3.11.26 or later. Dive into a more data-driven approach today, and see how your Amazon sales can reach new heights!

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