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September 29, 2023
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Finding a profitable product for Private label

This article describes how to identify a profitable product for Private label.

Finding a profitable product for Private label

Identifying the right product is the foundation of success for Private label. Even bad marketing and good merchandise usually works better than good marketing and bad merchandise. Effective and thoughtful product sourcing is a key step to growing your PL business on amazon. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most difficult.


Searching for ideas, assessing potential and analyzing the competitive environment require a lot of time. But even after doing all this, success is not guaranteed. You cannot know in advance whether a product will sell well or not.

There are many articles, videos and courses on the internet on how to find items to sell on Amazon. We won't go into details now, but just highlight the most important factors, from our point of view.

  • High demand

The bigger the market, the more you can sell. BSR is one of the best indicators of demand for a product. The lower the BSR number, the more sales a given item has on Amazon. Depending on the category, it's common for sellers to look at items with a BSR below 5000 or even 2000.
A high keyword search volume is also important. Interest in the product can also be viewed, for example, in Google Trends.

  • Low competition

Low competition means you can capture some of the consumer demand. You can study competition by analyzing the number of reviews for competing products. The more reviews a product has, the harder it will be for you to beat that competitor. Sellers, depending on the category, look at products that have less than 1000 or 200 reviews. It is ideal if the competitor's listings are not optimized (poor photos, short text, no bullet points, and no advertising).

  • Suitability for Private label

Good merchandise is not oversized and not too heavy, which saves on shipping and storage. It is usually unbreakable, which reduces the number of returns, and not seasonal, which guarantees a steady income.
A particularly promising situation is when there is an opportunity to improve the product. If an existing product has a quality that customers are always complaining about, find a way to improve it - it will make you stand out among your competitors.
Make sure you don't have a dominant brand in your niche.
The price should not be both too low and too high. The optimal option is from 10 to 70 dollars.

ASINSpotlight makes it much easier to find bargain items on Amazon. With our program, you can quickly see BSR, prices, number of reviews and other important metrics for an entire category or sub-category of products. For example, Home & Kitchen, Spoons, soup spoons. Just copy the link from amazon and click Grab list and the program will scan all the products in that category. You can test the program for free by downloading the demo version from our website.

ASINSpotlight Example

Good luck finding bargains!

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