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September 28, 2023
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How to Find Out of Stock Items on Amazon

The article presents two methods for finding Out of Stock items on Amazon, a manual method and a specialized tool that can quickly locate thousands of out of stock products in minutes.

How to Find Out of Stock Items on Amazon

Amazon sometimes runs out of stock on popular items, and 3rd party sellers may also be out of stock. To provide a positive customer experience, Amazon hides product pages of sold out items from search results. However, if you are a seller looking to source a sold out item or find out which items are in high demand, you may need to find alternative methods to locate these products.

There are several ways to find products that are out of stock on Amazon. The best way is to use a specialized app that can automatically discover thousands of such products in minutes. Another option is to manually search for them. We will discuss the manual method first.

Manual method to discover Out of Stock items

First, you need to open the Amazon website and enter the name of the product that interests you in the search bar. For example, “Wall hooks”:

As previously mentioned, Amazon typically does not show out of stock items by default. This is because out of stock items can quickly lose their ranking and fall out of search results. To find these items, it is necessary to narrow down the search criteria by selecting a subcategory, filtering by brand, setting filter attributes such as color and shape etc. In our example, we'll select the "Coat Hooks" subdepartment:

Once you have selected the subcategory, you will be able to locate the option "Include Out of Stock" that needs to be enabled to show the out of stock items:

After that, the In Stock and Out of Stock items will be in the list:

However, manually searching for products using this method can be time-consuming and not very efficient, especially if you need to find multiple products.

To quickly find and analyze Out of Stock products, you can use the ASINSpotlight app.

Click on the "Set Target to Scan" button next to the search field. Then, go to the "Keywords" tab, enter the desired keywords, check the box for "Out of Stock Smart Grabber" and click "Save". It is also possible to enter multiple keywords, one per line.

After that, the app will find all Out of Stock products for these keywords. Moreover, you will get a lot of useful product information: ASIN, URL, Rank, Title, Category, Brand, Description, Bullet Points, Rating, Reviews, BSR, Prime, Price, Shipping, Sellers, FBA and FBM Sellers, Sales / Month, Buy Box, Variations, Amazon:

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